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Unlocking Climate Innovation

Today as part of the ClimateTech Policy Coalition, a group consisting of Startup Coalition, Tech Nation, techUK, Undaunted, Cleantech for UK and Tech Zero, we have launched our second report outlining low to no-cost steps for the government to unlock climate innovation across the UK.

Read the full report here – and thank you to the 150 ClimateTech founders we spoken to over the past eighteen months as part of this work.

Of our 28 recommendations, only two have been delivered by Government, though sixteen have progressed, but ten have made no meaningful progress whatsoever.

We’re pleased that the Government has updated the definition of carbon removal to accommodate engineered removal, as well as Ofgem looking to create a policy sandbox in the new year. There has also been progress in increasing the supply of much-needed capital through the Chancellor’s Mansion House Reforms, while the creation of a dedicated Energy Security and Net Zero department is also positive.

However, we have not seen progress in steps to unlock innovation in the built environment; regulatory clarity for e-scooters and increasing innovation in public transport; EPC reform; supporting the growth of a high quality, high integrity carbon market, with a promised consultation on the Voluntary Carbon Market delayed, and limited progress made in expanding support for carbon removal.

The ClimateTech sector can support jobs and growth across the UK and will be a vital part of producing a prosperous and greener future – but Government needs to unlock this potential through regulatory change. We’ll keep fighting for these 28 recommendations, particularly as the election approaches.

Find the full report here.

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